Micro Wedding Cost Breakdown: Planning Your Cute Small Wedding

When contemplating a micro wedding, understanding the cost is a fundamental step in ensuring your special day is both adorable and affordable. A micro wedding, typically involving fewer than 50 guests, offers a more intimate and personalized experience. Let’s delve into the various components that contribute to the cost of a cute small wedding.

The Venue: Choosing the Perfect Intimate Space

One of the primary factors affecting your micro wedding cost is the venue. Opting for a smaller space not only suits the size of your guest list but can also significantly reduce rental expenses. Consider charming options such as a local garden, a friend’s backyard, or even a family-owned restaurant. These venues not only add a personal touch to your wedding but are often more cost-effective than larger, commercial wedding venues.

cost of cute small wedding

Catering: Delightful Bites for Your Big Day

With a smaller guest list, you have more flexibility with your catering choices. You might choose a sit-down meal with a few exquisite options or a buffet with a selection of gourmet finger foods. The cost per head for food and drinks can vary, but the overall expense is likely to be lower with fewer mouths to feed. Remember to consider special dietary requirements and include a variety of options to cater to all your guests.

Decorations: Setting the Scene

Bold and beautiful or simple and understated, the decorations you choose will set the tone for your micro wedding. Since you’re dealing with a smaller space, you can allocate more budget per guest or per square foot, allowing for high-quality, impactful decorations. DIY decor is also a popular choice for micro weddings, adding a personal and often cost-saving touch.

Photography and Videography: Capturing the Moment

Even though your wedding is small, it’s still a monumental day in your life. Professional photography and videography are costs that you shouldn’t overlook. A smaller wedding might mean fewer hours of coverage or perhaps a package deal that’s more suitable for your event size, helping to keep costs down without compromising on capturing your memories.

Dress and Attire: Fashion for Your Micro Wedding

Your wedding dress and the attire for the wedding party are essential elements to consider. A micro wedding might inspire you to choose a less traditional dress or attire, potentially saving thousands. Alternatively, you could allocate a larger portion of your budget to splurge on your dream dress since you’re saving in other areas.

Entertainment: Creating the Atmosphere

The entertainment you choose—be it a DJ, a live band, or a string quartet—will contribute to the atmosphere of your wedding. While your options might be more limited due to space constraints, a smaller scale can often lead to more meaningful interactions between the entertainers and your guests. This can be a place where costs vary widely, so consider what’s most important to you and your partner.

Additional Expenses: The Little Extras

Don’t forget to account for additional expenses such as invitations, favors, and transportation. These details may seem minor, but they can add up. For invitations, consider elegant but straightforward designs or digital invites to cut costs. Favors can be handmade or purchased in bulk, and transportation might be simplified due to the smaller guest list.

Ultimately, the cost of a cute small wedding revolves around the choices you make and the details you prioritize. With careful planning and a focus on what truly matters to you and your partner, a micro wedding can be both a cost-effective and incredibly meaningful way to celebrate your love.

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